Simple way to play sound iOS6 ARC

Better debugging using UALogger to replaece NSLog

Logging is one of the most useful tools in application development.

This project on GITHub "UALogger" attempts to add some pretty cool functionality to the Logging process

Slyde Show for iOS - Watch the woeld Slide By

Posting My Latest Apps

Slyde Show for iOS is a global photo frame that presents photos in a unique an captivating way.


Free on the AppStore:

Pinterest Link:

Facebook Fan Page:

Mixing SplitViewControllers and TabViewControllers

Trying to get a SplitViewController as setting for a new app on iPad

An open letter to: Fiver Customer Service

After placing an order for my URL to be promoted to "2Million Active" facebook users one would expect to see and increase in traffic. The order in question did not do that.

Looking further into the "Proof" that was provided by the Seller, one would notice that there was something odd.

Having posted "Links" to facebook, I noticed that the "Proof" was not "Poof Positive". The images that the seller provided, did in fact show the posting in its "Preview" form on face book.

mySQL Geospacial Query - Geo Distance Search with MySQL

The new app will need to be able to determine the "Closest" vendor relative to the device location. Getting the location of the device is mostly simple. There are plenty of tutorials to show you how to add the library and hook thinks together.

But how do you search for the closet vendor on the back end using mySQL.

Here is an article on how you can roll your own

Hope this helps

Geo Data REST API - FREE, and inexpensive Subscription plans

Working on an app where geo information is going to become key

Need to get the location by IPAddress. has very reasonable server fees.

Sort NSMutableArray of Custom Objects by Property Of the object

This is super simple and very effective way to sort an array of objects based on one of the properties of the object.

Facebook iOS SDK and ARC

After a little paying around with getting the script to build the linked library and getting the .a file recognized by XCode I cam across this super simple way to get it done

Facebook iOS SDK and ARC

Super simple
Hope this helps somone.

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