SugarSync Cloud storage for iPhone

I have quite a few Cloud Storage app installed on my iPhone. Each of them serve the simple purpose of allowing you to access files in the cloud.

My latest find is SugaySync
The one feature of SugarSync that I use often to move large files across the internet is the way SugarSync seemlessly moves content between two or more users who are "Sharing" the file or directory in the cloud.

If you are sending a file to a colleague, all you do is copy it to your SugarSync "Magic Briefcase", a special folder on your local desktop. The file is automaticly moved to the cloud and can be download from there.

If you give a colleague write access to the folder, when they upload a file to the folder. It will automatically show up on your local HDD in the Magic Briefcase".

All this and there is an iPhone app that allows you access to your folders and the shared folders you are linked to.