Tethering an iPad to an iPhone without JailBreak (part 3)

In this followup we will list some of the app that we found that work and those that did not.
First the subject of setting up the iPaq Pocket PC. In the last post I noted that we could use an iPhone to tether an iPad without JailBreaking. You will still need to be in the developer program.

The iPaq Pocket PC will act as out WiFi Hub. The iPaq will not be used to actually transfer data, but is there to establish the connection between the devices. Not unlike your network at home, the iPhone will function as an internet modem, the iPaq will be the Hub that the iPad connects to.

Setting up the iPaq
From the menu
Start>iPAQ Wireless
Turn on your WiFi. Then tap settings.
Tap Add New
Enter "adhoc-ipaq", be sure to check the box "This is a device-to-device (ad-hoc) connection
Select the Network Key tap
Authentication: Open
Data Encryption: WEP
Network Key: 1122334455
Tap Ok
On the Configure Wireless Networks page
Tap and hold the network you just created and select Connect from the drop down

Setting up the iPhone
Install the app iProxy
In Settings>Wi-Fi
Select the new WiFi network and enter the password
Tap the disclosure button next to the network in the list
Set the IP Address to Static
IP Address
Subnet Mask:
Check Auto Join
Go Back and then tap the disclosure button again to ensure that the setting stuck, and the network setting are not changed.
Launch iProxy on the iphone.

Setting up the iPad
In the WiFi connection tab you should now see the network "adhoc-ipaq". Connect to the network and enter the password 1122334455
For the WiFi IP Address:
Select Static
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
HTTP Proxy select Auto
Set the URL to

That's it your iPad should be connected to the internet well kinda anyway. This is a proxy connection and some app are not going to work. For me the fact that Pandora Radio works is awesome!!

Apps That Work:
Safari Browser
TeamViewer HD

Apps That do not work