Tethering an iPad to an iPhone without JailBreak with iPaq?

In a previous post there are links to iProxy, an OpenSource project for IOS. In order to actually use the app you have to either have a Developers account or know someone who does.

Even then, you created the AdHoc wireless network on a computer. The computer, a Mac or PC, was acting as the Wireless Router. Neither the iPad or the iPhone allow you to Create an AdHoc network.

The process is simple to setup.

Still this is not portable. Sure this will work when your in your hotel room but we really want portable.

Imagine my surprise when I was able to use an old HP iPaq 3115 I purchased years ago as the AdHoc router. Again, the setup was as simple.

You can get a iPaq3115 on ebay for under $40USD.

Now all I need is some duct tape to stick the iPaq on the back of the iPad, LOL

Looking forward to posting better instructions when I'm not so tired.

Hope this helps.