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[SOLVED] UIImageView curl shadow effect using shadowPath shadowPath crash.

While helping a fellow developer find a solution to a simple page curl on a UIImageView.

We found
Some Thoughts:
UIImageView curl shadow effect using shadowPath

After a little playing around we were able to find and resolve the issue in ARC and iOS 5.x.
We have posted the solution for download

Hope this helps

Magical AAPL

Imaging that an announcement your company is being sued by the US Government, only effecting the price of your stock by less than 1/2 of 1%.

Magical, AAPL !!

Today Apples stock suffered a lose of $2.24 on a very interesting day for Apple.

The US Government struck down a harsh ruling today upon Apple for what could be Millions of dollars for controlling the price of eBooks.
LOL, Too funny.

iOS Live Debugging tool - runs as part of your app

Nuimbus is a debugging tool for quickly understanding the current state of your application.

When added to an application, it will insert a paged scroll view beneath the status bar that contains any number of pages of information. These pages can show anything from graphs of current memory usage to console logs to configuration settings.


Create Glassy Buttons for your iOS App FREE

When looking for a simple way to create nice buttons for an app, I found a great tool.


Super simple to use and well worth the cost of FREE.
After making a couple of adjustments to the data you can create super sexy buttons in no time at all.


More Objective-C KVO Video Tutorials

Once again I wanted to share with you another great source for Objective-C Tutorials.

Even though the tutorials are geared toward the Mac, the information is extremely useful for iOS developers
Objective-C KVO Tutorials

Yet another iOS SDK Tutorial Site -

I just found this site while looking for information on creating an in app Web Browser.

iPhone Tutorial | iPhone iOS4 iPad SDK Development & Programming Blog

Hope it helps

iOMG for iPad PDF Document Transport and Presentation tool

My second iPad app was approved for the App Store while I was traveling.

iOMG (Interactive Online Meeting Gathering) is an iPad app that allows present PDF documents on an unlimited number of iPads.

iOMG can be used in the classroom setting and the teacher controls what page is displayed on the students devices. The presenter/host is kept up to date on the feedback and options of the attendees.

StreamShow for iPad - iCloud Photo Stream Presentation Utility

Stream Show turns your iPad into a live presentation of your iCloud Photo Stream

Version 1.0 of StreamShow displays the most recent photos in your PhotoStream as they are downloaded from iCloud by Photo Stream

Check out the site for information

Adding another computer to your Developer Provisioning Profile

I needed to make my MacBook Pro a development environment along with my Mac-mini.

We were seeing the error:
“Valid signing identity not found” error on provisioning profiles on a new the Macbook Prol

Found this to be the solution:

Exporting the existing developer profile directly from XCode on my original machine and importing the profile on the MacBook Pro

Hope you find this helpful

Changing the color of the UITextField placeholder text

This was a simple fix to the problem

How to change the color of UITextField placeholder text in iOS SDK

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