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Keeping track of projects, Issues and Bugs

Having a great Issue Tracker and Bug Tracker is essential to delivering success to your clients. Even if you are your client.

While working with another iOS Developer we found Redmine Project Management server. Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.

Where were you when you learned Steve Jobs died.

I just walked into my home office. Sat down and opened the financial section on my browser and there it was.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dead at 56

Best wishes to his family and friends.

In your life, every day, you life is touched by the brilliance of the man, Steve Jobs.


Free advertising for your app

If there is one thing that is important in the success of your iOS App it's advertising.

Always looking for more for less I found AdsFlip.com. Check it out.

Maybe it will help you become the next AngryBirds.


Install AdHoc apps on test devices without iTunes via the web

You can deploy your AdHoc apps to devices via the web for FREE.

Install the app on the device over the web without iTunes.

Creating an AdHoc distribution in XCode4 for iOS

Here is an update to a previous post on how to handle AdHoc distribution in XCode4

A complete walk through

Serializing and De-Serializing Classes to XML - On the way to xsd.exe for iOS SDK Objective-C

wonderxml is a simple objective-c library to serialize objects to XML and back again.

Here we are again trying to do more with Objective-C with Web interaction.

In .NET there are tools that allow you to convert an XSD to a class, XSD.exe is a awesome tool. Many times using xsd.exe has save thousands of hours of development by providing a quick resource to parsing XML. Having the ability to render Objective-C classes from an XSD would open the door for a flood of new iOS connected applications.

How-to Consume Web Services in iOS SDK XCode

Objective-C iOS SDK SOAP code generation SudzC - http://sudzc.com/

Developing in .NET has it's advantages at times, and Web Service consumption is one of them. That was the case until now.

Now with SudzC - http://sudzc.com/ you can generate the classes necessary to consume a web service directly by the WSDL.
Post the URL of the Web Service and download the generated classes and add them to your project.

All you need to do is follow the instructions and you will have access to all the functions and data objects exposed by the web service.

Getting iCloud running in XCode:iCloud Tutorials

Adding iCloud to your app can be tricky. Here are links with more information



Making your own Custom Animation Activity Indicator

Continuing in the search for different ways to handle custom Activity Indicators this article was found.

This outlines how to use Custom Graphics to create an animated circle and how to center it.


Hiding the RootView of a UISplitViewController

Many have searched for a solution.
This looks simple enough to actually work


After having some issues getting this working in XCode4 iOS version 4.3 some modifications were made

You can download my XCode4 project here with the solution here. Download

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