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Recommended way to build Ad-Hoc builds under the XCode4 GM candidate

09/20 Update:
Here is a detailed walk through on how to create an AdHoc distribution

If you have installed the latest XCode 4 GM and need to know how to deploy an Ad-Hoc target check out this article on developers.apple.com


Where to place your application files after enabling UIFileSharingEnabled

After you enable UIFileSharingEnabled in your app and connect to your development device to iTunes you will notice that all of your files are exposed.

If you have been using something like the code below then your files will be exposed to the user from iTunes with UIFileSharingEnabled set to YES.

NSString *documentDir = [NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES) objectAtIndex:0];

There is a simple workaround. Instead of the above code try this:

Filtering arrays with NSPredicate - Finding files by type in a folder

While working on my latest creation it was necessary to get a list of the files by file type, extension.
This article shows how to filter an array using NSPredicate.

Filtering arrays with NSPredicate

Hope this helps

Tethering an iPad to an iPhone without JailBreak (part 3)

In this followup we will list some of the app that we found that work and those that did not.
First the subject of setting up the iPaq Pocket PC. In the last post I noted that we could use an iPhone to tether an iPad without JailBreaking. You will still need to be in the developer program.

The iPaq Pocket PC will act as out WiFi Hub. The iPaq will not be used to actually transfer data, but is there to establish the connection between the devices. Not unlike your network at home, the iPhone will function as an internet modem, the iPaq will be the Hub that the iPad connects to.

Publish AdHoc distributions using the web

While reviewing the new iOS4 I found some interesting sites with information for simpler ways to distribute AdHoc apps.

Here are a couple of sites of interest.

This really looks interesting - Hope it comes online soon

New iPhone App available in the app store

Here is my latest iPhone app submission. The app is FREE.

TransForum 2010, the annual TMW Systems User Conference, at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas. We extend a special welcome to our Innovative customers to take part in this important event, where all TMW customers can gather to learn, to share and see what's new with TMW technologies and business trends.



Creating 2D Games On iPhone just got simpler

GameSalad is a great platform for getting started developing iPhone/iPod/IPad games.

Creating App supported by iAds

Moving on to a new revenue stream for apps. Ad Supported FREE versions of app have made quite a bit of money for developers.

Adding iAds to app is easy... If you find all the information you need.

Here are some of the posts that helped us get things working.

How To Integrate iAd into Your iPhone App

And the iAds Reference Guide.

Hope this helps

Charting Library for iPhone iPad iOS SDK

Core-Plot Framework as simple as download and run

So your looking to add charts and graphs to your iPhone/iPad app.
There are a few libraries available here is one that seems to work fine for me

Core-Plot Framework

Here are two articles that show how to get it working, I chose the second.

There is also a nice sample app in the download.


Creating XML Documents in iOS SDK

Well we need to create XML Documents within an iPhone app.

What we found is a wonderful project and the download on gethub.

There is also a way of doing this with the plist.

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