Core Data: ORM for the iPhone

I will be adding Core Data to an existing iPhone application. This will hopefully make it easier to work with the application as things get more complicated.

Additionally, the idea that ORM is Built-In to the iPhone SDK gives me a chance to show how good the SDK really is.

So for the first stage we need to add Core Data to an existing iphone app. I found this article was a great help.

Here is a great iPhone app tutorial:

A 15 Part Video Tutorial using Core Data in XCode

iPhone in Action eBook online

mogenerator : Keeping your Class Declarations in Sync with the Model:
Once you begin using ORM you will quickly realize how important it is to keep your subclasses in sync with the *.xcdatamodel file. This OpenSource project installs as a plug-in to XCode and automatically creates and keeps the class files in-sync. In addition to the expected class files, "mogenerator" generates additional class file to allow you to keep your implementation code from being overwritten.

Hope this helps;