Serializing and De-Serializing Classes to XML - On the way to xsd.exe for iOS SDK Objective-C

wonderxml is a simple objective-c library to serialize objects to XML and back again.

Here we are again trying to do more with Objective-C with Web interaction.

In .NET there are tools that allow you to convert an XSD to a class, XSD.exe is a awesome tool. Many times using xsd.exe has save thousands of hours of development by providing a quick resource to parsing XML. Having the ability to render Objective-C classes from an XSD would open the door for a flood of new iOS connected applications.

There are , just now emerging tools for iOS and Objective-C. But, I have NOT found one that provides the solution provided in the .NET tool.

What I have found is wonderxml
WonderXML is an extension of GData XML Node class (Gdata Objective C library) which is able to Parse xml string to objects dynamicly, and convert objects back to xml string.

Super simple.

Check it out