An open letter to: Fiver Customer Service

After placing an order for my URL to be promoted to "2Million Active" facebook users one would expect to see and increase in traffic. The order in question did not do that.

Looking further into the "Proof" that was provided by the Seller, one would notice that there was something odd.

Having posted "Links" to facebook, I noticed that the "Proof" was not "Poof Positive". The images that the seller provided, did in fact show the posting in its "Preview" form on face book.

Entering a link into a facebook site and hitting the enter key will produce a "Preview" of the post. What the sellers proof does not show is the "Submit" button, which would be just below the the post. The web page in the image conveniently hides this fact.

When I asked the seller to provide screen shots of how the post looked now, I received links to Private Groups, not screen shots.

Knowing you would want to protect the good name of Fiver, I thought you would like to know my findings.