Creating App supported by iAds

Moving on to a new revenue stream for apps. Ad Supported FREE versions of app have made quite a bit of money for developers.

Adding iAds to app is easy... If you find all the information you need.

Here are some of the posts that helped us get things working.

How To Integrate iAd into Your iPhone App

And the iAds Reference Guide.

Hope this helps

Charting Library for iPhone iPad iOS SDK

Core-Plot Framework as simple as download and run

So your looking to add charts and graphs to your iPhone/iPad app.
There are a few libraries available here is one that seems to work fine for me

Core-Plot Framework

Here are two articles that show how to get it working, I chose the second.

There is also a nice sample app in the download.


Creating XML Documents in iOS SDK

Well we need to create XML Documents within an iPhone app.

What we found is a wonderful project and the download on gethub.

There is also a way of doing this with the plist.

iPhone 3G, 3GS 4 - Tethering without JailBreak

While searching for the source code for tethering for a project outside the US. This article came to my attention.
Ok, so its not exactly full tethering, but it does provide internet access to another device. iProxy is a SOCKS5 proxy for the iPhone and should work on and iPad Plus3G.

Get Free Tethering Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone


Have fun


iOS4 Bluetooth Headphone features

After finally updating my iPhone 3G to iOS 4 Seed, I began to notice little feature enhancements related to the Bluetooth headphones. I have a pretty generic bluetooth stereo headset with microphone.

1) Ring tone played in the headset.
No longer do we need to hear the default ring indicator built into the headset, we hear the iPhone ringtone.

2) iPhone Volume control effects headset volume
This was a surprise and I did not even realize that it was working. This is one of those things that you expect to work.

Playing Video iPhone SDK for iPad and iPhone

A simple how-to on playing video on the iPhone and iPad.

Port Your iPhone Apps to iPad and Creating Universal Apps

Found this article useful;

Now that Apple has lifted the NDA on the iPhone 3.2 SDK, it's time for developers to start developing iPad applications.

This is a two part article that explains how to convert an app to iPad as well as how to create a Universal App.

A simple solution to Printing From the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

After playing with an iPad for over a week now, there has been one thing that was missing, "How to Print"

A simple solution was discovered which allows users to print anything on the screen of an iPad. The solution would with the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

The solution that was discovered is available in the current 3.1.3 version of the iPhone. Best of all after doing some research, all previous versions of the iPhone OS support the solution.

For information on how it works check out the link

Apple Blocks cross compiled app with iPhone SDK 4

For my apps, I have only used Objective-C and XCode for development. Friends and fellow developers have send me links for Cross-Compilers that allow you to write code in everything from C# to Adobe Flash. Well it seems Apple has a "Block for that"

In this article on Daring Fireball John Gruber points out the section 3.3.1 in the new version of the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement.

So it would seem that your either playing with the tools you given or your no longer allowed to play in the game.


iPhone at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital

A friend of mine sent me this link. Now that Hospitals are using the iphone we are on the way.

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